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Instant sync.

Ship faster and simplify frontend, backend & devops by building with Telepathic Data.
Get real-time multiplayer and cross-device sync for free.
Jazz is an open-source toolkit for telepathic data.

Telepathic data.

Use it like local reactive state. Get instant sync and persistence. Read/write from anywhere.

Permissions baked into your data.

Set permissions directly on data and enforce them everywhere, not just at your API boundary.

Offline-first performance.

Update state at 120 FPS without waiting for servers. Get full offline support out of the box.

Simple collaborative todo app?

Roughly 400 lines of code, deployed as a static site.

Features a simple todo list with passkey-based auth, end-to-end encryption, local persistence, sync and cloud persistence via Jazz Global Mesh, collaboration & invites.

Check out the full source on GitHub.

Open live example app in new tab ↗︎

Open live example app in new tab ↗︎Screenshot for reference: